1. Non-refundable registration cost of $65 for Associate membership

2. After a twelve month period, the 618’s will have a meeting to consider full membership a. This has an annual registration cost of $100 and to be paid when approved for full membership b. After the initial membership registration, all dues are payable annually before June 30 each year c. To be a Full Member, you must be financial i.e. all dues paid in full June 30th

3. All members must attend a minimum of three overnight runs annually and a minimum of 21 hours road time as part of a Freedom Rider scheduled ride

4. This is not a 1% club

5. Look after your mates and family a. Leave no one behind

6. No racial or sexual discrimination will be tolerated

7. Use of heavy drugs or needles will not be tolerated

8. No back patch with rockers to be worn

9. No bike can be Associate member only

10. When wearing Freedom Riders apparel, you are representing the whole of Freedom Riders,       Australia Wide and must behave as such, not to bring Freedom Riders into disrepute

11. If any problems cannot be sorted with a handshake then, after consultation, head 618 will rule the outcome

12. Freedom Riders is not to be used as a front to make money or profit without committee approval. We are a charitable organisation

13. Respect all brothers, sisters, wives and partners

14. In the event of a funeral of a member, State managers and/or their representatives and senior members should make every effort to attend as an act of respect.

15. If you wish to resign your membership of Freedom Riders, Please contact your State Manager by phone, not by text or posting on social media. All 618 gears that displays location must be returned to the local leader, where you gear will be held for 3 months. N\A for Promotional apparel. a. After that time, the resignation is non-reversible

16. All 618’s are expected to follow and enforce all rules

17. Order is to be maintained at all meetings

18. All riders must carry a puncture repair kit suitable to their Tyre type on long trips, and where possible be a current member of a road side assistance company like RACQ, NRMA etc... (in some cases not required if accompanied by a breakdown vehicle).

19. Freedom Riders apparel must not be defaced or produced without permission.


Freedom Riders Australia stand proud on a national level seeking out the like minded who to have a passion for motorcycling  and the  love to do the miles .